Feng Shui Consultations and Seminars

* Practical Feng Shui *

Modern Impact of Feng Shui:

Feng Shui reveals how your home or workplace can affect health, relationships, personal growth and abundance. Your surroundings reflect your inner energy and intent. When you alter your space, you generate changes in your life.

Your Feng Shui Consultant:

Maxine Shapiro is your Feng Shui consultant. She is a graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui, California, and trained with experts in New York, London, and Beijing. She uses Black Hat Feng Shui and Compass Feng Shui.

She draws on her healing work as a "Holistic Health Detective". Her experience with Feng Shui started with her insomniac clients. She is also a licensed acupuncturist, massage therapist, and certified instructor.

Maxine works with you to harmonize your personal space using simple and transcendental "cures", space clearings and blessings, from both the Western and the Asian worlds. Her versatility provides many choices to create balance and success for home and business. In addition, she does space clearing for " stuck energy (Qi) "

When necessary, an on-spot health assessment or dowsing for geopathic zone and electromagnetic fields is made, with solutions recommendations.

Long distance consultations available in person or through photographs and videotapes.

Feng Shui Workshops:

Maxine creates Fun Feng Shui programs for your unique occasions.
Call for information: 617-965-5251

Some helpful hints based on Feng Shui are listed here.


Can My Life be Free of Clutter?!

The Why? The How? Feng Shui Solutions.

Maxine M. Shapiro, Feng Shui Consultant and reformed clutter-person for many years, presents a funsense workshop. She is author of the book: Clutter! It's not my fault ! Fix it with Feng Shui

Feng Shui Home Seminars

Renew Your Life with Feng Shui!

This exciting workshop includes history, philosophy, the bagua or Blueprint of Life. Learn the way to feng shui with practical principles of yin, yang and Qi. Maxine M. Shapiro, feng shui consultant for 10+ years. will teach you feng shui cures, natural and transcental at your home with your friends. Call for details.


Feng Shui Solutions

Have you wondered why you are not attracting the right person in your life? Have you wondered how you can assist the process with feng shui? What are you waiting for? Feng Shui solutions ! Maxine M. Shapiro, feng shui consultant, works with men and women to help manifest the best personal choices in their life.

For more information,
E-mail to: Maxine M. Shapiro at fengshui@healermaxine.com
or Call: (In Mass) 617-965-5251

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