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Clutter! It's Not My Fault!

Fix it with Feng Shui

by Maxine M. Shapiro

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Front Cover:


Our lives and homes are containers into which we put many things.
We become attached to them, then overwhelmed by them.
These things, our stuff, are taking over our lives. We become stuck.

Our Space is stuck and cluttered. Energy cannot move. Our living space cannot breathe.
Our stuff holds us in a pattern, frozen in space, frozen in time.

This series of events leads to stagnation in our personal lives, our world and our home life.

This book is dedicated to clearing our space: saying hello to our things and then goodbye
to them when they no longer serve our needs, our best intentions, our growth and our lives.

This is a fun, motivational book found in psychotherapist's waiting room and in the home of secret collectors.

Back Cover:

Order Book Now (148 pages) Only $9.95 + $3.00 shipping (in USA).

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