Feng Shui Helpful Hints
@1999 Maxine M. Shapiro

 I. Assess the Qi of your home: How does it feel? dry, damp, hot, cool.

 2. Is the entrance pleasing to your eyes ?

 3. If there is clutter behind doors, remove it, to open more opportunities.

 4. Clear a space in the center of each room for the flow of Qi.

 5. As Qi changes and moves, so do things in your environment, your curtains, place mats etc.

 6. Assess your favorite room. Are the Yin / Yang aspects in balance?

 7. To create a more yin space recover cushions with soft textures.

 8. To create a more yang space repeat the same color in different ways.

 9. Keep the toilet seat down after use.

10. Make sure you can see the bedroom/office entrance.

11. Avoid a mirror over the bed or facing the bed.

12. A round mirror creates harmony. Make sure you can see your full face in it.

13. Colors for the bedroom: taupes, yellows, red, pinks, white.

14. The bedroom is the room of restoration. Treat it as your personal paradise.

15. The bedroom is a place of intimacy. Create that feeling with peach/pink sheets.

16. Create a fabric dream catcher over your bed or a scene facing your bed that will inspire you in the morning.

17. Keep your intentions clear when you are creating changes.

18. Create a meditation for your space, to harmonize and balance it.

Reference: Clutter! It's Not My Fault! Fix it with Feng Shui
                by Maxine M. Shapiro, March 1999