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Holistic Health Detective Service

Acupuncture & Healing Therapies presents this service for you. It is one way of discovering the balance and imbalances of your body. No blood is drawn, nor do you remove your clothes.

This is a subclinical (i.e. problem is so small that the person is not aware of it, or that western medicine does not yet detect it.) test that works with your body's energy field. Your bio-magnetic energy is sustained by the food, vitamins and minerals you eat, fresh air, by your lifestyle and how we regenerate our cells.

Changes happen to all of us with stress, trauma, age, and incomplete nutrition, elimination and toxins, as well as your personal medical history. Medications require a balance of vitamins and minerals. Also, it is important for you to know the side-effects of any medications that you take.

We all wish for good health so that we can be active, and accomplish the things that create a joyous and meaningful life.

It takes 3 months alone for the body to build blood. It takes 7 years for the body to renew every last one of its trillion cells! So we are never the same person of 7 years ago!

The body has reflexes, and acupoints that refer to organs, hormones, allergies, the spine, blood and brain. We can find the source of fatigue, headaches, digestive ailments, high or low blood pressure, edema, parasites etc. The body will signal to you about your balances and imbalances.

Dr. Versendaal of Michigan discovered that if you give the body what it needs then the body or reflex can heal. This is one way of finding answers to your health. With your bio-magnetic energy and using your arm or fingers as an indicator, we can discover what is going on in your body. We can discover how efficient your body's energy is working for you.

The treatment for the reflexes may need a combination of massage, homeopathy, nutrition, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, energy work, auriculotherapy or flower essences.

We all have a mind set of what we want, and what we want to do. To reach the goal of better health sooner, treatment is accelerated by your cooperation. HEALING THE BODY IS A PROCESS. Thank-you.

P.S.: The presence of certain medications in the body may block reflexes.

©1994-2006 Maxine M. Shapiro

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