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Stanford Univ., CA PhD Computer Science 1972
MIT, MA MS Electrical Engineering 1964
MIT, MA BS Electrical Engineering 1963


2000 - 2007 System Consultant -- GSI Lumonics
1999 (Aug-Oct) System Consultant -- Lockheed/ SANDERS
1998 - 1999 Hardware Consultant -- Real Time Enigneering
1996 - 1998 System Engineering Consultant -- Lockheed/ SANDERS
1992 - 2000 Consultant dba: FIRE*STAR Computing Associates
1980 - 1992 Co-Founder/Sr. VP/Chief Technical Officer, SKY Computers
1977 - 1979 Computer System Architect, Medical Systems, ANALOGIC
1964 - 1978 Principal Engr.,Digital Sys. Lab,Missile Sys.Div.RAYTHEON
1974 - 1975 Visiting Lecturer, TECHNION-Israel

2000 - 2007 GSI Lumonics Wilmington & Billerica, Massachusetts

Fixed and enhanced digital controllers of five different FPGA-based products, including completing design, correcting subtle problems, adding new features, and updating / creating system documention. Work focused on reworking VHDL for Altera and for Xilinx FPGAs of different sizes.

1999 (Aug-Oct) Sanders -Space Electronics Nashua, New Hampshire

Fix and enhance bus-to-bus interface adapter, modifying VHDL of Altera FPGAs.

1998 -1999 Real Time Engineering Hopkington, Massachusetts

Contracting as hardware expert for Real Time Engineering (RTE) in Holiston, MA, investigating and fixing causes of problems with electronic signs in the Ted Williams Tunnel.

1996 -1998 Sanders -Space Electronics Nashua, New Hampshire

Co-managed the engineering details of driving a space-tolerant processor board from development into production, including exhaustive qualification testing. Management aspect of my work included project planning, supervising team members, and creating / updating procedural documentation. Technical work included inventive solutions to design bugs in the processor and associated test equipment, as well as proposing / implementing cost-savings ideas.

1992 - 2000 FIRE*STAR Computing Associates Newton, Massachusetts

Technical consulting under name of FIRE*STAR Computing Associates. Published books and video. Also involved with video, multimedia and image processing start-ups. Created and taught seminars on making state-of-the-art digital hardware system.

1980 - 1992 SKY Computers, Inc, Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Founder, Director and Chief Technical Officer of SKY Computers. Led SKYs design teams in the development, production and sale of new array processor architectures for microcomputers. These board-level array processors and application accelerators have become industry standards for comparisons. Focus on meshing customer application needs with affordable technology.

1977 - 1980 Analogic Corp. Danvers, Massachusetts

Technical director for array processor development, architecting their very successful AP-400, a block-floating-point computation accelerator.

1964 - 1977 RAYTHEON - Missile Systems Division - Digital Systems Labs Bedford, Massachusetts

Led the digital hardware team configuring a computer-oriented active radar missile development for a major Raytheon missile effort. Was the principal investigator and author of the "High Speed Micro Signal Processor Study", under Air Force contract. Developed and patented the concept and directed the implementation of the General Purpose Signal Processor to multi-project usage in the PATRIOT missile system.

1967 - 1970 STANFORD University Palo Alto, California

Doctoral studies under full fellowship from Raytheon included artificial intelligence, logic and computer design, and numerical analysis.

1974 - 1975 TECHNION-Israel Institute of Technology, ISRAEL

Visiting lecturer, developed computer architecture courses.

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