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Maxine M. Shapiro


Licensed Acupuncturist since 1987 

Licensed Massage Therapist, AMTA NCBTMB

FSC * Feng Shui Consultant * since 1987



* Acupuncture

"Treating Pain and Health Issues from A to Z"
Also "No Needle "Therapies


            State of the art technology for TMJ dysfunction, RSD, 

            Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and other painful conditions. 


-- Auriculotherapy 


-- Biomagnetics  


-- Chinese Herbs (patent) 


-- 5 Element Cupping Massage 


-- Fertility Massage 


-- Heat therapy: moxabustion 


-- Energy Light Face Lift   Treats the whole body - NEW! State of the Art! 


   Acupuncture treats Headaches, PAIN, Fertility Issues, Acute and Chronic Conditions. 



* Massage: 


-- Soft Tissue: generally known as Swedish massage since 1984 


--Thailand Medical Massage... 

            A flowing yoga, rocking, stretches, reflexology, myofascial 

            2500 year old healing art. Practicing and teaching since 1993 


-- 5 Element Cupping Massage 


-- Hot Stones - for relaxation with deep warmth. 


-- SPA Packages -- See
            Hot Towels
            Body Polish
            Body Bather Back Massage 



* Energetic: 


-- Integrated Energy Therapy@ "transforming issues in the tissues" 


-- Cranial-Sacral      Balancing the microcirculation 


-- Energy Healing: brighten the aura and its balance 


-- Ear Candling : brightening and balance to body , mind and spirit ;
             great for earaches, allergies, respiratory problems and stress. 


-- Visualization 


-- Holistic Health Detective Service: Finding reflex patterns and treating them. 


-- Homeopathy Complexes - time tested for better health   


-- Orthomolecular therapy/nutrition 



* Feng Shui Solutions  / Feng Shui Consultant


-- Space Clearing of homes / offices   


-- Toxic Energy Clearing of homes / offices   


-- Placement of Funiture. Home Staging for Resale   


-- Feng Shui Astrology : A reading of your elements to know how environment suppors you.  



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