Creating Spaces

In music there are reverberating sounds when notes are sustained by the pianist. These long notes are metaphors for the lengthening of the fascia (connective tissue) with compression, stretching or traction by the Giver. Also, we find the comfortable range of motion for the Receiver by lengthening the muscles within the movement. Through experience the Giver learns how far to extend the movement.

There is silence between the musical notes. In Thai massage, there are spaces that are created when there is no touch alternated with touch. This is the space created by the pause when thumb pressing on the sen lines or when stretching or rocking.

The slower the rocking, the greater the space created in the fascia. As Givers we may ask: "Can I create space in this movement in a gentle way? Can the Receiver allow space within her tissues?"

Most people in this stressful world have muscle tissue that does not breathe with space. It sticks together like glue and is not soft or pliable. If the breath is not deep enough, the tissues do not receive enough oxygen. Often the Receiver's breath is stuck in the chest. By creating these spaces in motion and in breath, the body can learn to become more bouyant, soft as a song and open like a flower.

                         Fig 8 Thailand Orchids - Opening In Space