Gerald N. Shapiro, Ph.D.

                                    FPGA Problem Solver


As FPGAs increase in size, making an FPGA-based design work well requires knowledge

and experience beyond just a vendor's tool set. Large hardware system design, debugging

and verification techniques are needed along with signal processing and documentation skills.


My FPGA problem-solving expertise can help your project with these system steps:

* Complete an FPGA design started but not finished by others

* Find and remove flaws in algorithm and function flow.

* Correct timing issues, to remove intermittent failures --i.e. make design "rock solid".

* Simulate critical waveshapes and identify real circuit behavior.

* Fit features needed for basic operation into crowded design.

* Add features promised to customers, but not proved in original implementation.

* Plan technology growth paths that others can easily follow.

* Document existing design for internal or external hardware or software users.


My consulting arrangement allows your company to use my time as and when needed.

The system integration process means that the above FPGA skills are needed with

varying amounts of intensity, ranging from 110% at the start to 10% as a project matures.

Efficient use of a skilled person fulltime over the time span of one project is impossible,

and thus my preference for consulting work saves your project money overall. Much of

my work can and should be done off-site, with appropriate backups and descriptions.




                        cell:     617-233-5779